I’m a visual artist interested in – and often with an admiration for – the different strategies people use to cope with life. Since we have little control over reality, I’m drawn to the way people shape their perception of it, piecing together their own narratives in a search for meaning.

The camera gives me the possibility to closely observe, to place myself in another’s shoes and explore different perspectives, while also keeping a reflective distance from my subjects.

I like (telling) stories and finding different ways to tell them. And I like the stories people tell themselves. To some extent, we all use fiction in our lives. Capturing these small details of the everyday, my work shy away from big narratives and main events, instead searching for the hidden layers where fiction and reality are intertwined.

I approach my subjects with a lot of curiosity, compassion, sincerity and some humour. In the stories of others, we often meet our own fears and struggles. My aim is to help people feel more connected and understanding of each other.

I studied photography at the Royal Art Academy in The Hague, The Netherlands. My graduation film DreamKing earned me the STROOM encouragement prize and various exhibitions and screenings at film festivals such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

To follow my inspiration and work in progress go to: Instagram.com/studiowendyoakes