The Introspecticum

A looping video presented in a telescope-like object in a shopping mall in Ostrava, Czech Republic at the KukacKA Public Art Festival 2014. Giving people a short break from the busy environment of consumption to engage in a moment of reflection.


Through the telescope we see a man in an apocalyptic world working perpetually. We might think of our activities as a way to leave something behind when we die, and believe it gives us a sense of purpose.

Inspired by the tale 'The man on the moon'
It goes something like this: A man goes out one Sunday morning to work in the woods. On his way back home, carrying a big pile of wood on his back, he meets God, who speaks to him: How dare you work on Sunday, the day of rest? He answers: "Who cares what day it is? Sunday, Monday...whatever!", and shrugs his shoulders. As a punishment God banishes the man to the moon. There he can be alone, everyday into eternity, without nature or other creatures to reckon with….


© All rights reserved / All images by Wendy Oakes / Project made in 2014